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Helping to Grow Entrepreneurial Potential

Yalla Hub's mission is to holistically improve migrant women's work-life experiences in the UK. We aim to increase the presence of migrant and BAME women in sustainable businesses. We aim to provide better access to and benefit from economic resources and to increase social mobility in order to build a collaborative, lasting support network.

What we do

Yalla Hub offers plenty for the community to get involved with



A series of exciting and unusual workshops will be hosted by Yalla Hub, including storytelling and tea workshops, puppetry, and more. Some workshops are run by migrant women and will go a long way towards supporting their journeys. 



Our events aim to create a sense of community within the space. We will always strive to host events that benefit and expand our learning, and we always invite new ideas. Local residents in Croydon (and beyond!) are welcome to book the space to run events at affordable prices, and we encourage people to utilise the space to run classes of their own too. 



Yalla Hub's primary goal is to nurture migrant women's aspirations; we aim to increase the presence of migrant and BAME women in sustainable businesses by improving their confidence, self-esteem and mental wellbeing through a tailored support system. Help us build our network. 


Our 5-month programme is an unmissable opportunity to learn all about starting and maintaining a sustainable business. You will be a part of a network of entrepreneurs from all walks of life who will be there do give you advice and support through your journey with us.


We believe in the curative power of tea. Whether it is a social function or a daily routine, tea has provided many people with a sense of comfort, curiosity, and warmth. 

We have designed our tea blending workshops with the aim of providing migrant women with a space to feel supported and heard. From picking out ingredients to creating a final package, we aim to help our participants take a journey of self discovery through tea blending.

Our workshops are open for all and can be tailored to your different needs and expectations. We say with tea, the possibili-teas are endless. 

Check out our events to book one of our workshops.